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Welcome to the ALIEN Hack Team website! We are group of professional reverse engineers. We make software
protection systems and crack existing protections. You can place commercial crack request here. Typically research
cost is USD 50 - USD 500. We accept WebMoney, RuPay, Western Union or wire transfer method of payments.
Sorry, no PayPal or credit cards allowed. Please accept license agreement before our services usage.
We DO:

  • FlexLM, SentineLM licenses
  • HASP, Sentinel, Guardant/Novex and other dongles emulators
  • Software protectors like ASProtect, Armadillo SPS deprotect
  • and other registration schemes keygen/cracks.
  • We DO NOT:

  • Hack mailboxes, ICQ, sites, databases
  • Code virii, troyans, or spyware programs.
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    счетчики скрыты
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